Balers / Compactors

In the industrialised world consumer and business demands create a burden of waste material. As resources become scarcer and the true cost of human consumption becomes apparent, we now see the economic benefits of recycling as well as having the moral duty to current and future societies.

The volume relative to weight is expensive to store and transport thus the need arises to compress, compact and bale materials. Materials requiring recycling take many forms and a variety of machines suit the equally large variety of locations our waste is produced.

Packaging materials are probably the most common; the cardboard baler reduces the volume by 12:1 using a hydraulic compactor.

A tyre waste compactor is a more complex hydraulic system as the force required to compress a steel reinforced tyre is high and the tyre will contain a large amount of stored energy . Tyre balers or compactors are a high throughput machine that requires a high quality hydraulic baler system.

Horizontal Balers and compactors live at the larger end of the recycling machine industry and have to cope with a high duty cycle and have minimum down time. To meet these demands the Hydraproducts HPS power pack has a proven record, providing both reliability and performance.

The range is flexible with motor drive options from 1kW to 30kW in the standard offering and up to 75kW is possible. Keeping the oil in good condition is key to long service life so for constant use, applications coolers can be readily incorporated.

The platform allows multiple pumps to be driven from a common electric motor and with a broad range of valves, essential functions such as decompression can be readily integrated into the hydraulic circuit. All the hydraulic controls can be contained in a manifold block for ease of maintenance and assembly. Components are selected that have demonstrated longevity in the many years we have been building hydraulic power systems. We know that the units are unlikely to receive any attention or maintenance until absolutely necessary.

All hydraulic power packs are functionally tested prior to despatch and comply with pressure and electrical equipment directives, ensuring your waste balers give a trouble free life.

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