Security Bollards and Road Blockers

The security of critical utilities and infrastructure and public areas has become demanding all over the world.

hydraulic road blocker

Hydraulic systems are normally the chosen method of powering the heavy duty perimeter security devices.

Design and manufacturing of these products is focused on providing solutions that meet standards such as PAS 68:2010, PAS 69 and IWA14-1. This link shows an example of what the hydraulic package is subjected to.

Hydraproducts have been manufacturing hydraulic power packs for high security devices for over 15 years, and most of these are installed in highly sensitive locations protecting people, infrastructure and property throughout the world. Crash rated Road blockers, barriers and bollards share many similar principles and operate in some harsh and demanding environment.

To maintain security in emergency or expected scenarios hydraulic security barriers and bollards are designed to perform certain functions. Retractable bollards have hydraulic features that are unique as they are often in public areas as the bollard is seen as less obtrusive.

High Security considerations

Power fail Raise or Lower – Electrical power is often unreliable in remote area so if it disconnected from a site the system must either remain raised or in the lowered position to allow vehicle site access.

Fast Raise (EFO) – In a situation where a hostile vehicle threatens, the site may be under attack and security bollard/s will need to be deployed very quickly, often within 1 second.

Multiple security bollards are often specified to protect a venue entrance where the aesthetics are important. To ensure that all of the bollards are synchronised when raising and lowering Hydraproducts has designed bespoke systems for double, triple, quad and quint installations.

Hydraproducts NEW system design offers real flexibility in common security features such as Emergency Raise, Power Loss Operations, Manual Operation and Synchronised Lifting for up to 5 devices.

Hydraulic system for security products

This new valve design with significantly reduced pipework over the older design, simplifies installation and maintenance with emergency lift raise solutions and synchronised operation.

Hydraulic Power packs

Hydraulic Mini Power packs offer a compact and flexible platform for single gate, barrier or blocker systems. Using a modular central manifold that accepts motors from 250W to 5.5kW and tanks of 1 litre to 75 litre. A full range of solenoid directional and cartridge valves, emergency hand pumps and other accessories offer possibilities in entrance control and site protection.

Hydraulic Mini Packs offer compact dimensions, competitive price, quick build times and most importantly a history of dependable service.

Heavy duty hydraulic power pack

Heavy duty hydraulic power pack for road blockers, including a back-up hydraulic hand pump

Compact Hydraulic power pack

Compact hydraulic power pack for bollard and barriers

For larger or heavy duty needs the Standard Pack (HPS) is utilised. AC Motors up to 30kW can drive a single or multiple pumps. Complemented with valves and accumulators the HPS can cope with the unforgiving reality of harsh sites.

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