Commercial Vehicle Hydraulics

Hydraulics are extensively used throughout commercial vehicle bodies for many functions, from simply tipping loads to sophisticated self levelling systems. Hydraproducts has designed and manufactured a range of hydraulic systems to meet this broad customer demand. These re just some of the types of vehicles Hydraproducts can provide hydraulic systems for:

Transit van tipper truck
The simple tipping body:

Often built around the 3.5Ton van chassis these bodies can be fitted as a bolt on body kit, including the frame hinge assemblies and the hydraulics with associated controls. Hydraulic mini power packs are used to extend the hydraulic cylinder to tip the bed, tipping the payload.Variations on this dumper truck are the side and rear tip, where the hinges are re-configured to tip the load on to the road side or pavement.

Hydraproducts 12 and 24VDC tipper packs a high quality unit assembled and tested in the UK, and carry a CE for use on European roads.

Plant trailers or beavor tail trailers

Used to transport construction plant such as diggers, back-hoes, these trailers have a rear set of loading ramps that lower to enable the equipment to be driven on the trailer. Ramps can often be heavy so these will be powered by hydraulic power pack.

Car transporters

Similar in construction to the plant trailer but more often rigid body these can accommodate a car on a lower deck and using a hydraulic ramp a car on a upper deck. Hydraulic lock valves a crucial in this design to allow the operator to manually lock the decks in place.

Recovery vehicles

The typical recovery vehicle for a car will have what is known as a "spec" lift fitted to the rear. This is the frame that fits under the front wheels of the car and lifts it from the ground to toe it home. The "spec" lift (because it looks like a pair of spectacles) has a hydraulic extension and a hydraulic lift function. The control valves can be fitted directly on the hydraulic power pack or as a separate hydraulic lever valve.

Skip loader - sheeting systems

A skip loader is a heavy vehicle that uses hydraulic rams to pick up waste skips and carries them away for disposal. when travelling on the roads this waste must be covered. A sheeting system is commonly constructed by using a swinging arm that pulls a sheet over the waste to stop it falling or being blown from the vehicle whilst in transit. Whist it is not normal for a hydraulic power pack to operate the skip loading rams, it is quite common for it to operate the sheeting systems. Sheeting systems can also be found on much larger lorries where they are pulled across the top of the payload using a hydraulic motor and power pack.

These are just a few of the types of commercial vehicles that you will find Hydraproducts equipment on around the world today.

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