Customer vehicle conversions

Hydraulic equipment is often found in vehicles that have been converted for specialist uses from fun event bars and restaurants to the more serious x-ray scanning trailers.

Commercial vehicle conversion hydraulic roof
What the hydraulics offer:-

To raise the roof on this bus needs a great deal of design expertise to ensure the roof remains level. A badly designed hydraulic system could easily twist and bend the roof, causing permanant damage.

Lowering a roof like this could look simple but actually the weight of this whole structure is only 100kg, so a single acting or gravity lowering approach would not be the best. To ensure good control when lowering, a double acting system is better utilizing precision flow dividing/combining devices ensuring each corner remains perfectly aligned.

Hydraulic roof system components
Hydraulic Power Pack

- In this case an AC hydraulic power unit is used as there is an on-board generator proving power for lights and refrigeration. The power level is not large as the roof only needs to move slowly and the weight is not great.

- Hydraulic directional control valves, solenoid operated.

- Precision flow divider with synchronisation feature ensures that any error in alignment is corrected every time the roof is operated.

Hydraulic ram

- Hydraulic cylinders in each corner give stability as well as power to raise the roof.

Electrical controls

- A simple up and down button control system allows even the least technical operator to serve the drinks on the top deck.

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