Hydraulic Tipping Equipment

Hydraulic tipping equipment is used on construction and commercial dumper trucks of all shapes and sizes. If sized correctly, properly installed and maintained, 12/24VDC powered hydraulic tipping equipment will provide many years of reliable service.

Principle of operation:

To raise the bed the motor drives the pump from a 12 or 24V battery via a cab switch or pendant, the pump generates pressure in the line and extends the cylinder(s).

When the motor stops the pressure is held in the cylinder and this holds the body up.

To lower, a solenoid activated lowering valve is energised allowing the oil in the pressure line to flow into the tank under the weight of the tipper truck body. To control the speed of descent an adjustable flow control valve may be fitted in the line.

Hydraulic tipping systems components
Hydraulic Power Pack

- DC brushed drive motor with starter solenoid switch. Popular sizes range from 1.5kW to 2.2kW with 3kW 24VDC fan cooled motors for heavy duty applications such as an agricultural tipper.-

12v Tipper Pack
Principle of operation:

- Gear Pump with outputs from 2.0cc to 4.2cc/rev capable of pressures up to 250 bar.

- Central manifold containing relief valve, check valve and the lowering valve assembly. If required the lowering valve can be fitted with manual override in case of electrical failure.

- Oil tank in plastic or steel.

Hydraulic ram

Hydraulic tipping kits often contain a 3 stage-telescopic ram and brackets. These are designed specifically for each dump truck body.

Electrical controls

- A hand held push button pendant is often the chosen method of control, as well as a cab mounted switch set.

- Essential to the safety of the installation will be a battery isolator and fuse.

Hose connection

- A correctly specified and fitted hose is essential, as the hose will “rotate” as the hydraulic lifting body rises. A 2-wire 3/8” hose is recommended.

VCA and E11 Approved

Our DC Hydraulic Power packs come with full VCA and E11 compliance which relate to tipping and lifting capabilities and fully conform to strict EU standards.

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