Film Special Effects

May the hydraulic force be with you!

Hydraproducts hydraulic power units have been utilised in numerous blockbuster movies. Applications have included powering large servo cylinders to create the pitch yaw and roll motion of a sailing ship set, this required 1000 litres/min at a pressure of 250 bar, and oil capacity of 4000 litres. This bespoke power unit was designed and manufactured within 5 weeks of being given the go ahead.

The last we heard about it was a heading on new venture in a galaxy far far away.

We have packs in various cars, biblical chariots, space craft doors to reveal aliens.

Many systems have accumulator storage to deliver fast and furious hydraulic power when needed.

We help bring giant robots to life and headed back to the Jurassic period with dinosaur animatronics.

Having a plentiful stock helps deal with often quick deliveries a filming schedule demands.

Hydraulic power pack with multiple motors

Formula One Gearbox Testing

Hydraproducts manufactured a testing unit to exacting standards for a leading formula one team.

After a race a formula one car's parts are tagged and sealed to prevent fraudulent change of components and shipped back to the UK factory. The inspection and turnaround times are very short and the engineers have strict protocols to follow on inter-race factory testing.

Formula one drivetrains have servo numerous valves for fast actuation of engine and gearbox functions. This requires the oil to meet exacting cleanliness standards before being allowed into the vehicles hydraulic circuit.

This is achieved by fine filtration that is rigorously tested prior to connection to the hydraulic system to prove the actuators function. Once checked and given the all clear the parts are reunited with the team for the next event.

We have also supplied numerous units for trackside and pit lane hydraulic support applications and our micro power units utilised in spoiler control and suspension ride height.

F1 car

Monster Truck Movement Control

Working with a well established British Monster Truck team, our mini hydraulic power pack powered the truck's independent rear steering,enabling it to perform fast turnarounds whilst at the same time impressing the crowds of spectators who watched it perform.

Monster truck frame
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