Micro Hydraulic Power Units

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unidirectional micro power pack


Comes in a compact square body measuring 87mm Uni-directional Power unit compatible with single acting actuators used for mobility and floor lift applications

micro power pack and actuator

ERA Actuator Kits

Can be mounted to cylinders directly

Has a reversible mode as well as full fitting kit for easy installation

reversible hydraulic power pack


Unique double acting circuit with solenoid valves not required

HPR Reversible Power unit - suitable for use on double acting actuators and motors containing inbuilt pilot check valves

Micro Hydraulic Power Unit

Hydraproducts Micro Power Units are available in a range of specifications comprising of Uni-directional units, which are one of the most compact units available on the market; ERA Actuator kits, which can be mounted directly to cylinders and were developed from our popular Reversible unit and finally, our Reversible units themselves, which are manufactured using the latest CNC machining technology. Our units are available in either single (HPU) or double (HPR) acting specification.

Our double acting power units give you greater operational flexibility, meaning there is no need for a solenoid valve. Pilot check valves are included with our units to help cut the risk of cylinder creep and we take the safety of our units seriously too, as any excess noise or system pressure can be controlled by the check valves giving you increased operational reliability. Manual override switches are also available as an optional extra.

All our Micro Power units come with easy to read installation instructions which give you a step-by-step overview of the unit installation process and give you peace of mind when setting up your new unit. We offer industry leading build quality on all of our products so you can feel safe in the knowledge that you have an efficient, top quality product.

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Our HPU power units come with a range of AC and DC motors ranging from 150-250Watt and 150 to 800Watt respectively, and the AC units use both Fractional Horsepower and standard IEC frame motors with 0.18kW to 0.37kW ratings.

The HPU's high quality sturdy construction helps prevent leakage and offers excellent load holding abilities with hardened steel and aluminium being just a few of the high quality materials used in the construction process. Cylinder load is maintained through check and solenoid valves and the unit includes a single acting circuit.also  Custom valves can also be specified for this unit which lower noise levels.

Our Micro Power Units are precision engineered for optimum performance in the field and give pressures up to 200bar. System life is optimised with the addition of a suction filter element. 

Every manifold comes with a 90 micron integrated filter element, ensuring all micro hydraulic systems are protected and give a long service life. The units can accommodate tanks up to 1 litre capacity with both horizontal and vertical fitments possible. Pumps of sizes from 0.17 to 1.48cc/rev can also be used.

Typical applications include :-
  •     Wheelchair and mobility lifts fitted to vehicles
  •     Floor lift applications
  •     Actuators for door opening or barrier control

Hydraproducts manufacture high quality, long lasting products through our wealth of design knowledge and expertise and with our bespoke design skills, we can manufacture a quality unit to tailor to your needs no matter what industry you are in.

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