Hydraulic Pump Motor

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ac hydraulic pump motor

AC Pump Motor

Delivering up to 5LPM from an 87mm body

- 110V / 240V and 415 3ph

- Frame sizes to 132

- Group 1 and 2 Gear Pumps

- Pressures to 280 bar

- Flows to 60 LPM

dc hydraulic pump motor

DC Pump motor

- 12V and 24VDC

- 2kW and 3kW

- Gear Pumps to 9.8cc

- Pressures to 280 bar

- Flows to 20 LPM

Hydraulic pump motors

Our range of hydraulic pump motor units comprises precision-made aluminium gear pumps driven by AC or DC motors. Each pump motor unit is designed and manufactured in the UK with the skill and experience that customers around the world have come to associate with Hydraproducts wherever hydraulic power and hydraulic motors are used.

  • 12 V and 24 V DC Motors
  • Hydraulic pump motor adaptor flanges with mounting holes
  • Group 1 gear pumps up to 9.8 cc and 2 gear pumps up to 26 cc
  • Ventilated DC motor options
  • High pressure and flow capabilities

Hydraproduct pump motors are available in three versions:

2 kw DC hydraulic pump motors (Group 1 pump)

These are powerful 12 and 24 V DC 1.8 and 2.2 kW motors complete with an adaptor flange capable of handling pressures to 280 bar and flows up to 20 l/min. Each unit comes with a Group 1 aluminium gear pump and the option of ventilated motors.

3 kW DC pump motor units (Group 1 pump)

These DC pump motor units consist of fan-cooled motors coupled with a range of Group 1 aluminium gear pumps from 1 cc to 9.8 cc/rev for flow handling up to 35 l/min and pressures to 250 bar. The strong fan-cooled motor ensures the highest possible S1 and S2 ratings

AC motors (IEC) – (Group 1 & 2 pump)

Available for 110 V and 240 V 1-phase AC applications, as well as 415 V 3-phase, each AC hydraulic pump motor is available in a wide range of frame sizes up to 132. Group 1 and Group 2 gear pumps can be fitted to give flows to 60 l/min and pressures to 280 bar.

From the smallest 1.8 kW unit to our highest capacity AC motors, Hydraproducts hydraulic pump motors offer off-the-shelf availability, precision manufacture and suitability for a wide range of hydraulic applications. And of course, the care with which every one of our hydraulic pumps and motors is perfectly matched to your requirements.

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