AC Hydraulic Pump Motor

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240v hydraulic pump motor

240V Pump Motor

1ph 240V motor with a GRP1 gear pump

Hydraulic pump motor unit - for applications where the system requires hydraulic flow.

3ph hydraulic pump motor

3ph Pump Motor

3phase 415V motor with a tandem group 2 & 1 pump

Standard IEC Motors ensure high efficiency and reliability - pumps with efficiency above 92% give quiet and smooth hydraulic oil flow.

AC Hydraulic Motor Pumps

The AC Hydraulic motor pumps are made up of an AC Motor driving a Hydraulic gear pump assembly.

AC Motors are either 240V 1 phase or 415V 3 phase. As standard the motors are IP55 and aluminium body up to 15kW and cast iron to 55kW. An aluminium bell-housing encloses an elastic coupling ensuring a mechanical drive with low noise transmission.

Options available are Forced Ventilation, Tropicalisation, Anti-condensation heaters various EX motor protection

Pump sizes range from 1.6cc to 91cc/rev with tandem sections and relief valves an options.

Typical Hydraulic Motor pump applications include :-
  • Hydraulic system supply for test rigs and machinery
  • Off-line filtration pumps
  • Hydraulic motor drive pumps

Hydraproducts offers its worldwide OEMs and distributors reliable products through design and manufacturing expertise. The quality of in-house design, manufacturing and experience in small hydraulic motor pump sets ensures a match to your requirements.

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