DC Hydraulic Motor

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2kW DC pump motor unit


flows to 30lpm and presures to 250 bar

DC Motor with Group 1 gear pump- a strong DC Motor with a built in thermal overload is close coupled to a high pressure gear pump

3kw dc hydraulic pump motor


flows up to 30LPM and pressure to 280 bar.

Robust and well-built for any arduous task.

Heavy duty 3kW motors - with integral fan ventilation these pump motor units have a high S2 rating of 10 minutes.

DC Hydraulic Motor Pump

The small hydraulic motor pumps are made up of a DC Motor driving a Hydraulic gear pump assembly.

DC Motors are either 12VDC or 24VDC and are connected to an aluminium housing which aligns the motor with a close coupled Hydraulic gear pump. A hardened pump drive dog ensures low noise and vibration as well as long service life.

12V dc hydraulic pump motors are 1.8kW and the 24V hydraulic pump motors are available in 2kW and 3kW. The 3kW Motors are fan ventilated so they give a longer duty cycle.

Options available are thermal overload protection and starter switches, standard and heavy duty. Pump sizes range from 0.7cc to 9.8cc/rev.

Typical DC Hydraulic Motor pump applications include :-
  • Hydraulic back-up systems
  • Power steering systems
  • Braking system charging circuits

Hydraproducts offers its worldwide OEMs and distributors reliable products through design andmanufacturing expertise. The quality of in-house design, manufacturing and experience in smallhydraulic motor pump sets ensures a match to your requirements.

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