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Which pendant controller should I choose for my power pack? SuperUser Account
Which pendant controller should I choose for my power pack?

What type of pendant should you use with your hydraulic power pack?

In this useful guide we will help you make that decision and ensure you specify all the features you need to give you full control of lifting and tipper applications.

The first thing to take into account when choosing a hand controller are the functions you will require for your hydraulic application. For example, in a commercial vehicle trailer application, you will need a simple, rugged, waterproof unit that can control the tail lift movements. These types of pendant normally come with a switch over function which allows you to store two units, one inside the vehicle and one outside, thus giving the user the flexibility to control lift functions from inside or outside of the vehicle.

Along with the rugged build quality of these units, they are commonly supplied with illuminated buttons and battery level meter so the user can easily see what they are doing in dark environments and are well prepared should the handsets battery need a change or recharge. To aid in storage, holsters can be added so the handset can be attached to the interior or exterior of a vehicle. Magnets are another popular alternative to this method.

With applications such as Ambulances and other emergency vehicles, the hand controller needs to come equipped with a range of functions such as the ability to control the ambulances rear lighting, its hydraulic lift functionality and its winching in-out capability. Security is taken very seriously with these units and they are usually fitted with a security code that operators that will be using the handset are supplied with.

Options on the majority of handsets include graphic transfers and button labels to customise them dependant on what they will be used for. LED lights set into the buttons themselves can also be customised to incorporate different colours and effects including unit vibration alerts etc. can also be specified.

As well as controller type handsets, emergency stop and key operated switch sets are also available which enable you to turn off machinery in the event of an emergency or malfunction and, in some applications are required to meet health and safety protocol.

Handsets with on/off rocker switches and the key operated rotary switch as mentioned above offer simple solutions to controlling the operation of an application and with the rocker switch version, can be set to operate on a timer which is integrated into the unit’s circuitry.

Numerous operating powers are typically available in handset applications normally ranging from around AC 15: 230 / 400 V - 8 / 4 to DC 13:24 V / 10 A, with the units being able to operate within a wide range of temperature tolerances so they can be used in hostile environments.

Here at Hydraproducts, we have a range of handsets in stock which offer user customisation and functionality along with a range of accessories for fitment to your specific application. Please contact us to learn more about our handset range.

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