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Subsea Hydraulic Power Units ben lee

When it comes to reliable power sources for subsea production systems, our hydraulic power units have been recognised as some of the best. We design, manufacture and test all of our systems in house and on site to deliver a collection of products that make it possible to meet all standards for a variety of subsea pressure systems and control systems.


About our product:


Our hydraulic power units (HPUs) are carefully designed in alignment with your project specifications. We also meet international standards with our durable, complete units that are comprised of pumps, instruments, filters, valves, accumulators, motors. Our machines are made to operate in the harsh environments of deep sea settings.


Our systems are the best with regards to health and safety, durability, reliability and operational ease. They meet what you would hope for in terms of both your operational needs and expectations. Developed according to your specifications to keep plot space and weight low.


With a broad range of HPUs built for subsea, from large hydraulic systems to the smallest, compact and portable hydraulic systems. We can also provide you with highly complex, advanced and state of the art installations that will operate in either arctic or tropical environments.


Our Approach

Our engineers have decades of combine experience in the design, manufacturing and testing of hydraulic systems for a variety of industries. Our systems and solutions are innovative and state of the art and can provide you with what you need to meet your challenges.

We have been providing bespoke solutions for years. All of our systems have safety in mind in addition to productivity. Wherever you are located in the world, we can provide safe control of processes whether you are operating an oil and gas plant or a small application for which you need one of our micro hydraulic power units.


Focused on providing solutions, we have a good understanding of machinery that uses hydraulic power as a solution. Our network of leading vendors means we can source the best components to meet what needs.


Our Added Value

  • Where we add value is with our knowledge and experience.
  • Our products are designed to meet your needs and operating conditions
  • Our engineering teams have extensive experience and know  how to create the best hydraulic packages for your operations
  • We also offer after-sales support

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