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Applications for Hydraulic Power Units Lyndsey Nash
Applications for Hydraulic Power Units

10 Applications for Hydraulic Power Units

Hydraulic power units are used in many industries. They provide the power behind a well run hydraulic system and can be found in the most surprising of places.

With a motor, a hydraulic pump and a reservoir, it’s surprising what can be achieved.

You can expect to find hydraulic systems used in the following:

·         Meat processing machinery

·         Mobile construction and road work equipment

·         Test equipment in the aerospace industry

·         Material handling in road engineering, construction and mining

·         Agricultural equipment

·         Military and government operations both nationally and abroad

·         Oil field and oil clean up equipment

·         Theatrical and television production equipment

·         Medical equipment

·         Industrial processing equipment


Wherever heavy and systematic lifting is required, hydraulic power can be used. Hydraulics are ideal for the repeated use of powerful and/or directional force.

Hydraulic units are at work in the most everyday of things. For example, you may drive past a construction site and if you see a bulldozer, digger or dumper you will see hydraulics at work.

Fishermen use hydraulics to lift their pots and nets from the sea. Even a car mechanic uses hydraulics to change a tyre and to lift the car in order to make repairs to it. The brakes of a car uses hydraulics in order to stop. They have now become such an integrated part of our society that we don’t even notice how much we rely on them to keep our world running smoothly!

Hydraulics have been used since ancient times in Egypt and China around the year 6000BC. They were further refined by the Greeks and have been used for many different solutions including aqua ducts and water towers.

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