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Hydraproducts New eBay shop ben lee

Hydraproducts  eBay shop.

At Hydraproducts we are continually striving to improve our customer service, we have had some feedback from our customers requesting an on-line platform where we can provide spares and service for many 1000’s of Hydraulic Power Packs manufactured over the last 10 years. We have set up an eBay shop just for spares and items customers can easily identify and purchase 24 hours a day. This shop gives the customer visual assistance in identifying the parts needed, but also information on how to maintain and service our products.

This shop is now live and already having an impact. We are very cautious not to replace the great customer relationship and trust we have built up over the years, with online purchasing the world is becoming more digital. We strive to adapt and stay at the forefront of hydraulic design and manufacture while offering great customer services at competitive prices.

Current products we have on the store are to only support the 12 and 24VDC HPM range of hydraulic power units, there may be further requirement to increase the range of spares to our HPS Power packs, HPR/HPU Micro hydraulic power packs and  Hand Pumps. If you would like to see a bigger range of products on our shop or can offer any feedback regarding the shop, please call the sales team on 01452 523352 who would be pleased to offer there assistance.


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