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British Fluid Power Distributor Association ben lee

British Fluid Power Distributor Association Welcomes Hydraproducts

We at Hydraproducts announce our application and acceptance for membership of the hydraulic industry’s representative, British Fluid Power Distributor Association (BFPA).

Formed in 1959, the BFPA was established to promote the commercial, technical and trade interests of the businesses in the hydraulics manufacturing and supply industry.

In addition to being an active member of the European Oil-Hydraulic and Pneumatic Committee (CETOP), the BFPA works on a number of initiatives that help to promote and develop the hydraulics industry such as:

·         Technical assistance

·         Gathering of marketing data and statistical data

·         Facilitation of international co-operation

·         Representation of the views of the industry

The Association also offers industry specific training courses and also a job board.

Hydraproducts will be making the best of the resources of the Association in addition to any opportunities to contribute and benefit from their membership of this highly regarded organisation.

Hyrdraproducts will also look for opportunities to be able to carry through any tangible or intangible benefits to our clients through the improvement of our products, the further development of our knowledge and technical skills. Additionally we will be looking at where we can proactively assist other members of the Association for the benefit of the industry and its consumers.

To find out more about the BFPA visit their website here – http://www.bfpa.co.uk/index.asp.

To find out more about Hydraproducts come over to our main website here – http://www.hydraproducts.co.uk/.

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