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What Are Hydraulic Power Units? ben lee

Every hydraulic motor requires a power source to operate it. This is where hydraulic power units come into play. Here at Hydraproducts, we manufacture a range of hydraulic power units, but we call them hydraulic power packs.

Most of our clients who purchase hydraulic power units will use them on one of these types of applications:

·         Industrial

·         Mobile

·         Aerospace

Our units are compact and we can also make them bespoke for your situation if need be. Our units are manufactured with pumps, filters, relief valves, reservoirs, sight gauges and more so that you can rely on your unit to deliver continual power to your equipment. They are used for a number of different purposes including pressurizing lube systems, providing pilot flow to servo valves and of course, powering hydraulic motors and cylinders.

Hydraulic units are offered with options. Your application may require either a single or a bi-directional rotation.

There are benefits of using a hydraulic power unit, whether it’s a micro sized one or a standard one. It will usually be quieter than some solutions in addition to making it possible to eliminate a potential leak point. In these modern times, there are improved diagnostics and our products are created to protect against system shock.

Hydraulic Power Units For Every Application

A hydraulic power unit will often be at the core of a broad variety of system. They may be used on:

·         Scissor lifts

·         Tipping trucks

·         Plant trailers

·         Access control and security equipment

Our hydraulic power packs are available in the following sizes:

·         Micro power packs

·         Mini power packs

·         Standard power pack

Our micro hydraulic power units are perfect for applications that require hydraulic power, but that are limited when it comes to available space.

If you need any assistance making your choice, give us a call and we’ll guide you in the right direction. 

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