Hydraulic Components

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  • Directional, pressure & flow control
  • Modular Cetop 3 and 5 
  • In-line system valves

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Manifold Blocks

  • Standard Cetop plates
  • In-line circuit blocks
  • Bespoke system designs

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  • Stock range 25-100 bore
  • Welded and tie-rod options
  • Bespoke design specialists

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  • Large range available
  • Gear/Piston pumps
  • Composite designs to 315 frame

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  • Air blast
  • AC and DC motors
  • B14 and hydraulic motor options

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  • Return line
  • Pressure line
  • Spin-on elements

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  • Bladder & Diaphragm
  • A range of safety blocks 
  • Pre-charging available 

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  • Steel tanks
  • Tank accessories (level, filler etc.)
  • Bespoke manufacture options

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  • High pressure gear pumps
  • Cast iron
  • Silent running range

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Hydraulic Components

When building a hydraulic system of any kind you will be looking for a number of components that produce the hydraulic power and turn this into a motive force. Hydraproducts has established a core of components that we have tried and tested over the last few decades, we are now offering these direct to customers under our new Hydraulic Components Division..

Not just about great value, Hydraproducts has focused on proven quality and performance when selecting this range of hydraulic components. More than just "box shifters" our experienced engineers are able to help you select the most appropriate components for every hydraulic application.

Starting with our specialist area, hydraulic power packs, our selection of pump, bellhousings, couplings, filters and valves are a great selection for you to gather a kit of parts to produce your own bespoke system. 

Providing a motive force to a hydraulic system the hydraulic cylinder is the most common actuator. Working closely with our partner suppliers, we are able to offer both very competitive standard cylinders as well as highly complex bespoke cylinders. With a growing market in the off-shore industry we can offer stainless steel cylinders for the most unfriendly environments.

  • Why choose Hydraproducts as your component supplier?
  • Manufacturers

Hydraproducts has a huge stock holding of components we are able to support irregular customer requirements,. If you have common regular needs then we are happy to hold bonded stock to smooth out production/supply fluctuations.

Supporting our customers with the comfort that our engineers have been using these components to build systems in our own workshops for over 15 years.

Key manufacturers 

OMT - Based in Italy, OMT has become a manufacturer of Hydraulic components. A recent acquisition of Luen, Valve manufacturer, has strengthened the group within mobile and industrial markets. 

OT - With a engineering pedigree in Italian gear pump manufacturing, this company produces some the of the finest Aluminium hydraulic Gear pumps available today. They are customer focused with a very reactive production philosophy.

  • More about Micro Power Packs
  • Typical Applications

The HPU micro power pack has a single acting hydraulic circuit, the check valve and solenoid valve hold the cylinder load up. A high quality hardened steel check valve insert ensures low leakage and excellent load holding. Versions with Normally open/closed solenoid check valves and low noise check valves are available.

All of these micro hydraulic power packs have a precision engineered aluminium manifold that houses the hardened steel valves. A carefully developed micro hydraulic pump gives pressures up to 200bar. Each manifold has an integrated 90 micron filter element, ensuring all micro hydraulic systems are protected and give a long service life.

To drive the hydraulic pumps we offer DC motors from 150 to 800Watt, in 12V and 24VDC. 150 and 250Watt Fractional Horsepower AC motors as well as standard IEC frame AC motors from 0.18kW to 0.37kW.

Pump sizes range from 0.17cc to 1.48cc/rev.

Tanks from 0.1 to 1 Litre, all of which can be in vertical (tank uppermost) or horizontal orientation.

Typical applications include :- 

    Mobility lifts where Wheelchairs are lifted from vehicles
    Micro power packs for through floor lifts.
    Door and gate opening actuators

Hydraproducts offers its worldwide OEMs and distributors reliable products through design and manufacturing expertise. The quality of in-house design, manufacturing and experience in micro hydraulic power units ensures a match to your requirements.