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  • Maximum working pressure 470bar
  • Volumes up to 500L
  • Elastomer compatible

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  • Pressure range up to 350bar
  • Volumes from 0.07 to 3.5L
  • Low maintenance design

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The accumulators role in a hydraulic system is to allow fluid accumulation under pressure and it holds and stores then returns the fluid based on the variance in compression that is created between liquid and gas.

Accumulators benefit the operation of a hydraulic system and help to improve the following areas:

  • Lengthening the operational life of a system
  • Improving the all-round functioning of a system
  • Helping to cut down the costs of maintenance and large repair bills
  • Aiding in system noise reduction

The accumulators we stock comply with 97/23/EC design standards as well as both ASME and RINA.