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Bellhousings/Couplings to 225 Frame

  • Bellhousings
  • Couplings 
  • Accessories

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  • Combined bellhousing/cooler
  • Fits motors up to 4kW
  • Low noise 57dBA

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Large Bellhousing
to 355 Frame

  • High size
  • One-piece construction
  • Suitable for marine applications

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Bellhousings are the component that forms the connection between an electrical motor using a standard flange and hydraulic pump.
Typically constructed out of aluminium alloy, they work with standard flanges up to 270 kW and are available in two constructions:

Constructed out of a single piece

Made using several components:
– base bellhousing with flange
– base bellhousing with distance ring and flange

At Hydraproducts, we offer standard bellhousings up to 225 frame and large bellhousing to 355 frame which is suitable for marine and offshore applications. Some useful points to consider when sizing up your bellhousing are listed below:

1. In order to make sure you select the right size bellhousing for your hydraulic power unit, you should first calculate the sum of the motor and pump shafts, remembering to take into account the thickness of the rubber spider or the dimensions of the polyamid ring attached to the coupling which must be compatible with your hydraulic motor and its power output.

2. Referring to the Catalogue pdf above, refer to the correct bellhousing in Tables 1,2,3 or 4 making sure the calculation from point 1. is either equal or less than the dimensions of the bellhousing.

3. Finally, Check the fixation points correspond with the pump and the bellhousing.

Drive Couplings are also typically manufactured from aluminium alloy. Used with a matching bellhousing they provide the connection between an electric motor with flange and a standard European spec 4 bolt gear pump with flange and a 1.8 taper shaft. They are compatible with electric motors ranging from D63 to D225 Frame fitments and power levels of up to 45Kw.

If you need any further information on our bellhousing and coupling ranges or advice on correct fitments, feel free to contact our experienced team on 01452 523352.