Manifold Blocks

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CETOP Manifolds

  • Working pressures up to 300bar
  • Relief valve available
  • Aluminium up to 310bar

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In-line Manifolds

  • Pressure relief valve
  • Flow control valve
  • Over centre valve

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Bespoke Manifolds

  • Bespoke designs
  • Complex control systems
  • Cavity tooling Sun & modular

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Manifold Blocks

Hydraproducts stock a range of standard CETOP Manifolds, single and multi-station models. In-line or circuit blocks are also stocked in a variety of flow control, relief valve etc functions

Multi station Cetop03 and Cetop05 manifold blocks up to 8 station are a quick method of producing a directional control circuit. Used in conjunction with our hydraulic valve modules a sophisticated hydraulic system can be quickly assembled.

B.S.P. marked parts are built to accept a large range of hydraulic adaptors, all conforming to the industry standard CETOP dimensions. CETOP03 (NG6) and CETOP05 (NG10) style valves are accepted from a wide range of conforming manufacturers.

The manifold blocks themselves are manufactured from an aluminium of the highest quality, enabelling them to work at 310bar and if neccessary, bespoke designs of these blocks can be created by our expert CAD design team.

The role of a manifold block is to arrange a collection of valves and accessories to form a hydraulic control system.

Bringing together these valves gives a size efficient solution, reducing pipework and fittings, thus significantly reducing leak potential and size.

Our engineering team have their roots in Custom Manifold Block (CMB) manufacturing, an old term used for a bespoke hydraulic manifold design. We can provide a bespoke design service for custom applications where a number of hydraulic cartridge valves and directional valves etc can be added to the manifold block to suit your bespoke build.

Hydraproducts maintains a suite of valve cavity tooling to enable valve cartridges from Sun Hydraulics and other metric and modular valve designs to be used in our manifolds.

Using high strength materials such as Alumnium T6 and SG iron we can provide manifold blocks that are rated at 350bar. Other new technologies are now available such as 3D printed metal manifolds that allow Hydraproducts to design and manufacture lightweight manifolds using minimal materials.