Hydraulic Pumps

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OT100 Series Pumps

  • Displacements from 0,73 to 7,6 cc/rev
  • Working pressures up to 260bar
  • High quality cast iron pump casing

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OT200 Series Pumps

  • Displacements from 4,10 to 30 cc/rev
  • Working pressures up to 250bar
  • Gas threaded or flanged type ports

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OT300 Series Pumps

  • Displacements from 20 to 90 cc/rev
  • Working pressures up to 220bar
  • Complies to European build standards

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We stock a range of OT-Oil Technology hydraulic gear pumps which offer excellent levels of strength and durability; with cast iron end flanges and aluminium alloy body, they are suitable for use in heavy working environments and cope well with the transmission of high hydraulic pressures.

High levels of volumetric and mechanical efficiency are realised inside the high strength construction. Due to the high quality materials used in the construction of the pumps, they are low weight and offer decreased installation dimensions, particularly in multi-pump section applications.

The OT100, 200 & 300 Series are fully compliant with European Build Standards.

Available from our stock in the following sizes:

Group 1 (OT100) from 0,70 to 9,9 cc/rev

Group 2 (OT200) from 4,10 to 30cc/rev

Group 3 (OT300) from 22 to 60cc/rev

We also stock Helical Noise Reducing Pumps which are a popular choice among manufacturers who are looking for  substantially quieter pump operation while still getting optimal performance and reliability.

Noise reduction is a key area that manufacturers are always considering new measures to help quieten pump noise to counter the competition. The noise from a pump itself centres on the pulsating flow the pump creates with different style pump units creating different pitches in sound; for example from piston, vane and gear pumps.