Hydraulic Power Packs

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vertical micro power pack

Micro Pack

Delivering up to 5LPM from an 87mm body

HPR Reversible Power packs and HPU Uni-directional hydraulic Power pack for single and double acting actuators

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standard hydraulic power pack

Standard Unit

Hydraulic Power units up to 55kW

Applications include:- Injection moulding machines, Auger Drives, Concrete moulding, Test Rigs and Drilling Rigs

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vertical mini power pack

Mini Pack

AC and DC system to 30LPM
DC Power packs for Tipper trucks, Tail lifts, Recovery Lifts and Trailer ramps etc  AC Power pack hydraulics for Scissor lifts, Car lifts, Dock Levelers and Security barriers etc

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The hydraulic power pack for every application

Hydraproducts can provide a hydraulic power pack for any Mobile, Industrial and Marine application around the world.  Typical applications include plant trailers, scissor lifts, tipping trucks, access control and security equipment as well as a variety of industrial machinery. We offer our worldwide OEMs and distributors reliable products through design and manufacturing expertise. Our hydraulic power packs are designed and manufactured in the UK using the latest technology, enables us to be competitive in the world market.

The versatile hydraulic power pack range comprises four core product types.

  • Standard power pack
  • Mini power pack
  • Micro power pack
  • Bespoke power pack

Each type is expertly configured to ensure reliable fluid power performance in hydraulic installations.

The Bespoke Hydraulic Power Pack

Hydraulics remains the first choice of power transmission for a vast array of equipment around the world. From Ford Mondeo drive shaft assembly machines to weather balloon winching systems in Croatia, we have built up a reputation for understanding the needs of our customers and for manufacturing a unique hydraulic system that meets their requirements. Put simply, Hydraproducts can provide quality hydraulic solutions.

Standard Hydraulic Power Pack

These are conventional hydraulic power units using a standard range of modular components for easy specification, assembly and maintenance in the most demanding industrial applications. With motors up to 30 kW, flow rates to 100 Litres/minute, tank capacities to 180 litres and pressure capability to 250 bar, we can offer a standard power pack to meet most industrial requirements.

Mini hydraulic power packs

These fit into the range between our micro and standard units for applications requiring up to 5.5 kW. They offer a flexible platform of AC or DC hydraulic power unit for single and double-acting applications to 30 litres/minute, with tank capacities between 1 and 100 litres and pressure to 250 bar.

Micro hydraulic power packs

Initially designed for mobility applications, they are perfect wherever hydraulic power is needed but space is limited. Designed around an 89 mm-square footprint, each micro hydraulic power unit is available as an HPR reversible or HPU uni-directional build. With 150–800 W DC and 150-375 W AC motors flow rates of 5 litres/minute are possible, whilst pressures of 200 bar can be reached.

From the most compact unit to our largest standard AC hydraulic power unit, the common denominators are the quality of in-house design and manufacturing, experience in hydraulic power and the care with which every product in each hydraulic power pack range is matched to your requirements.


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