Road Blockers

The protection of assets, infrastructure, and most importantly people has become a global business.

Hydraulically powered access control and security is a technology of providing Hostile Vehicle Mitigation (HVM).

Legislation demands highly sensitive sites have perimeter security products that are impacted tested to internationally recognised standards such as PAS68 or IWA14-1 and preferably remain functional after an incident. This link shows an example of what the hydraulic package is subjected to BOLLARD VIDEO

Hydraproducts have 1000’s of power packs in service throughout the world from embassies in South America to Middle East oil production and distribution plants. Operations of road blockers, retractable bollards and barrier systems have many common basic principles. but the hydraulic and electrical control circuits vary to meet the demands of customer and site conditions.

To maintain a high level of security in emergency or expected scenarios  hydraulic security barriers are designed to perform certain functions.

Road blockers demand a hydraulic power pack that is fundamentally strong enough to withstand the shock loading of a vehicle driving over the road blocker when lowered. Retractable bollards have similar requirements but single wheel loads are less.    

Automatic barriers that are crash rated to 700KJ or more are often hydraulically operated, but owing to the safety requirements of such loads, must be carefully controlled by the hydraulic power pack.   

High Security design features

Power fail Raise or Lower – If electrical power is lost to a site the system will either remain raised or drop to the lowered position to facilitate access.

Fast Raise (EFO) – In emergency situations, where the site may be under threat such as a Vehicle As Weapon (VAW) the feature deploys security bollards or hydraulic road blockers quickly, often within 1 second , even after a loss of power to the site. Hydraproducts often utilises stored hydraulic energy in an accumulator to achieve this function.

Power fail operation – Power loss to a site can render the equipment inoperable so access by security services can be problematic. Hydraproducts can configure features to give a number of operations without power. This is can be achieved by using either a Hydraulic accumulator or a hydraulic hand pump, but Hydraproducts has developed a battery powered option using a 12 or 24VDC powered hydraulic pump option.

Multiple security bollards are often specified to protect a venue entrance where the aesthetics are important. To ensure that all of the bollards are synchronised when raising and lowering, Hydraproducts has designed bespoke systems for double, triple, quad and quint installations.

Hydraulic Power packs

Mini Packs offer a compact and flexible platform for single gate, barrier or blocker systems. Using a common central manifold that accepts motors from 250W to 5.5kW and tanks of 1 litre to 75 litre. A full range of cartridge and CETOP solenoid directional valves, hand pumps  and other accessories provide an array of possibilities in entrance control and site protection.

Mini power packs offer compact dimensions, competitive price, quick build times and most importantly a history of dependable service.

For larger or heavy duty needs the Standard Pack (HPS) is utilised. AC Motors up to 30kW can drive a single or multiple pumps. Complemented with valves and accumulators the HPS can cope with the unforgiving reality of harsh sites.