Micro Hydraulic Power Pack

Uni or Bi-Directional micro packs only 87mm wide.

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Mini Hydraulic Power Pack

Modular build hydraulic packs for AC and DC uses.

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Standard Hydraulic Unit

Hydraulic power units built to order from stock parts.

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Bespoke Hydraulic System

Design of complete turnkey hydraulic systems.

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Hydraulic Components

Valves, pump and accessories Cylinders, cooler and filters.

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Hydraulic Power Packs

for mobile and industrial applications

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Hydraulic power packs, specialists in design and manufacture, Hydraproducts provides a hydraulic power pack for Mobile and Industrial applications around the world. Our hydraulic power units are designed and manufactured in-house using the latest technology, this enables us to be competitive in the world market.

Looking for a Hydraulic power pack supplier?

Hydraproducts is a hydraulic power pack manufacturer with a growing OEM and hydraulics distributor customer base in applications such as a Baler, Tipper Truck, Dock Leveller, Trailer or Scissor Lift and. For all types of hydraulic systems we use our years of experience to provide high levels of response, product quality and service.

Fluidlink Hydraulic Hydraulic Pack

Hydraproducts Acquisition of Fluidlink Hydraulics Ltd

Hydraproducts is pleased to announce its acquisition of the business and assets of Fluidlink Hydraulics Ltd, Devizes.

For over 25 years Fluidlink has manufactured bespoke hydraulic powerpacks, focusing on providing a highly customised product to OEM's throughout the UK and beyond. The Hydraproducts team looks forward to working with the Fluidlink team ensuring continued product supply and outlining our plans for 2020.

Fluidlink Hydraulics Ltd has been trading very successfully, thanks to the Devizes team. This acquisition reinforces Hydraproducts Ltd's commitment to manufacturing hydraulic equipment in the UK.


MICRO POWER PACK - MINI POWER PACK - STANDARD POWER UNIT Click on the links above to visit the specific pages you are looking for, you can also view and download PDFs on these pages


1. How can I make my hydraulic power pack more energy efficient?

Several simple checks can ensure your hydraulic system is running as your hydraulic engineer intended. Firstly check oil cleanliness and condition, poor oil will lead to poor transmission of power. Secondly check the filter condition, dirty or clogged filters will lead to restrictions in flow through the system. Lastly, ensure cooling systems are clear and from any dust or dirt. With these few simple checks a system will consume less power and last longer.

2. What Standards should my hydraulic power pack to meet?

Equipment of this nature should comply with the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC and therefore meet the ESHR comprised there in. Parts of the hydraulic power unit will contain pressure and as such the designers/manufacturers should have considered the Pressure Equipment Regulations (PER) SI 1999/2001.

3. How has hydraulic technology advanced over the years?

Advances in materials and computer design tools have changed the way hydraulic valves and hydraulic pumps look and perform. Use of less material and increases in working pressures makes a hydraulic product more efficient and lower cost.

4. Where can I buy a hydraulic power unit?

You are in the right place ,Hydraproducts is a specialist manufacturer of Hydraulic power packs up to 90kW. As well as dealing directly with our experienced sales team you could also take advantage of our network of Resellers in your local area, who will be able to advise on installation and maintenance requirements.

5. I need a compact hydraulic power pack for a tight space; what type of pack do I need?

Hydraproducts manufacturers two ranges of Hydraulic power pack that may meet your needs. The Hydraulic mini pack is a modular range with powers up to 5.5kW, but even smaller that this is the Hydraulic micro power pack range. This is only 86mm wide and is used in tight spaces powers up to 800W.

6. What level of pressure can a power pack handle?

Commercially available HPU’s are readily manufactured at levels up to 310bar, as this is considered a “normal” level for most valves and gear pumps. There is also a group of manufacturers specialising in powerpacks up to 700bar, these are generally for tool clamping and cutting applications.

7. What is the most common type of pump used in a hydraulic power unit?

There are several types of pumps used in a hydraulic power unit, these simply group into, Gear, Piston and Vane and any design variations exist within these groups. The most commonly found pump has to be the Gear type.

8. What type of industries rely most on hydraulic power?

There has to be numerous industries that most probably wouldn’t exist without the use of Hydraulic technology. With hydraulics used to push, pull, press, cut, rotate, lift etc by using hydraulic actuators the versatility of hydraulics is clear. This is why engineers have been solving problems using hydraulics for centuries.

9. How long have hydraulics been around for?

Principles of hydraulic force were discovered in the 17th Century by Pascal, and further work carried out by Bernoulli in the 18th century who utilised fluid in differing conditions to pump and transfer power. The first Hydraulic press was patented in 1795 by Bramah.

10. Are hydraulic power units cost effective compared to alternative power sources?

It is commonly acknowledged that Hydraulics is a compact form of transmitting and converting power. Lifetime costs of hydraulics is perhaps 20% of that of pneumatics. Initial cost of a medium, size hydraulic system is 10% of the lifetime costs with energy being 40%.

11. What should I look for when choosing a hydraulic power pack supplier?

Hydraulics is a specialist discipline, so why not ensure that you discuss your needs with a supplier that has the right experience. That is experience in your industry, as they will be able to bring an understanding of the challenges that your environment needs. In this way a “partnership” is created that brings the best Hydraulic power pack solution.

12. When should I think about replacing my Hydraulic power pack?

A decision to repair or replace is often a simple commercial or financial decision. Hydraproducts is able to work with you to gather enough information about the current hydraulic system you have. We can use this to size and cost a replacement for you to decide if repairing is a viable option.

13. What are Hydraulic Powerpacks?

In a nutshell, hydraulic powerpacks are self-contained units that are used instead of a built in power supply for hydraulic machinery. Hydraulic power uses fluid to transmit power from one location to another in order to run a machine. It really is as simple as that. See our blog for more detailed information.

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