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What is E11 Certification and why should I look for it when buying a hydraulic power pack?

In the mobile hydraulic industry there are a wide range of safety and conformity regulations that should be adhered to for both safety and product performance and reliability. The E Mark is an ECE mark to designate approved vehicles and vehicle components sold in the EU.

So, what is the E11 Mark?

The E11 Mark is the British specific Mark that covers equipment/vehicles supplied to the automotive industry. This includes commercial vehicles, construction machinery and general vehicle use and basically means the unit has been approved by ECU compliance and quality control regulations.

The E Mark number differs dependent on which country the product inspection had taken place in. So, Germany for example uses the E1 Mark while Turkey uses the E37 Mark.

Why should I look out for the E11 Mark on products?

When businesses buy new products they expect that product to live up to expectations and do what it is claimed to do. When dealing with DC hydraulic power packs this is crucial as the safety implications of such a unit failing when in use could be catastrophic and cost a business dearly.

This is why many businesses specify the E Mark when ordering a hydraulic power pack as they know they will receive a conforming product.

To achieve the E11 status in the UK, a DC hydraulic power pack product must meet EMC standards. To certify this is the case an approved test house must be engaged to carry out and verify compliance. As well as this a COP must be in place, this is essentially a quality control plan to ensure all future manufacturing is done to the same standard. This is externally verified periodically.

When did these regulations come into place?

The E Mark system was implemented in the 2004/104/EC directive for the regulated movement of electronic goods used for motor vehicles around Europe.

Stricter testing of motor vehicles was introduced back in 2002 and this implementation played a large part in the E Marking system being introduced two years later with full product testing carried out to adhere to the new measures.

Here at Hydraproducts, our DC Power Pack Range which is commonly used for a range of tipping and lifting applications are E11 Marked and you can find out more about our E11 certification here.


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