Micro Hydraulic Power Packs

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unidirectional micro power pack


Delivering up to 5LPM with only an 87mm square body - Hydraulic Uni-directional Power pack - for single acting actuators.

Used for disabled lifts, brakes, clutches and clamping.

Electric Hydraulic Actuator

ERA Actuator Kits

Direct mounting to cylinders

A Hydraulic Reversible Power pack and a mounting kit for complete actuator manufacturing.

reversible hydraulic power pack


Unique double acting circuit without using solenoid valves

HPR Hydraulic Reversible Power pack -for double acting actuators and motors with built in pilot check valves.

Micro Hydraulic Power Pack

The micro hydraulic power pack is very compact and can operate both single acting (HPU) and double acting (HPR) applications.

The HPR micro hydraulic power pack offers the flexibility to operate double acting hydraulic functions without the need for solenoid control valves. By simply reversing the motor the movement of a double acting hydraulic cylinder direction can be controlled and the built in dual Pilot Check Valves give leak free load holding. Dual pressure relief valves give separate control in each direction whilst dual pilot check valves prevent induced pressures and noise when excess full bore cylinder flow returns to the tank.

Later developments include circuits with manual overrides, motor spool control and low noise relief valves. "Thermal relief" valves are also possible, these protect from over-pressurizing in the output ports.  

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The HPU micro hydraulic power pack has a single acting hydraulic circuit, the check valve and solenoid valve hold the cylinder load up. A high quality hardened steel check valve insert ensures low leakage and excellent load holding. Versions with Normally open/closed solenoid valves and pressure compensating flow control valves are available.

All of these micro hydraulic power packs have a precision engineered aluminium manifold that houses the hardened steel valves. A carefully developed micro hydraulic pump gives pressures up to 200bar. Each manifold has an integrated suction filter element, ensuring all micro hydraulic systems are protected and give a long service life.

To drive the hydraulic pumps we offer DC motors from 150 to 800Watt, in 12V and 24VDC. 150 and 250Watt Fractional Horsepower AC motors as well as standard IEC frame AC motors from 0.18kW to 0.37kW.

Pump sizes range from 0.17cc to 1.48cc/rev.

Tanks from 0.1 to 1.5 Litre, all of which can be in vertical (tank uppermost) or horizontal orientation.

Typical applications include :-
  • Mobility lifts where Wheelchairs are lifted from vehicles
  • Micro power packs for through floor lifts.
  • Door and gate opening actuators

Hydraproducts offers its worldwide OEMs and distributors reliable products through design and manufacturing expertise. The quality of in-house design, manufacturing and experience in micro hydraulic power units ensures a match to your requirements. Bespoke central valve manifolds are easily produced for OEM applications

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