Hydraulic Power Units

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Mini hydraulic power unit by Hydraproducts

Mini Unit

AC and DC system to 30LPM

DC Power units for Tipper trucks, Tail lifts, Recovery Lifts and Trailer ramps etc AC Power unit hydraulics for Scissor lifts, Car lifts, Dock Levelers and Security barriers etc

micro hydraulic power unit

Micro Unit

Delivering up to 5LPM from an 87mm body

HPR Reversible Power units and HPU Uni-directional hydraulic Power unit for single and double acting actuators

Standard hydraulic power unit

Standard Unit

Hydraulic Power units up to 55kW

Applications include:- Injection moulding machines, Auger Drives, Concrete moulding, Test Rigs and Drilling Rigs

Hydraulic power unit manufacturing specialists

Hydraproducts focuses on the design and build of a competitive range of hydraulic systems.

Whether we are providing a one-off project or serial production lines, our hydraulic power units are designed using the latest 3D solid modelling and fluid power analysis tools. Our two decades of hydraulic and mechanical engineering experience brings together the most appropriate selection of hydraulic components resulting in a well-considered, leak-proof, maintenance friendly and efficient hydraulic product.

From the smallest micro hydraulic power unit to bespoke 375kW off-shore systems, our hydraulic power unit offerings cover a wide range of applications across many industries:

Standard Hydraulic Power Unit

These traditional hydraulic system modules use industry common selection of modular components. AC motors up to 30 kW, flows to 100 Litres/minute, reservoir volumes to 180 litres and hydraulic pressures up to 250 bar, we manufacture an AC hydraulic power unit to satisfy a vast scope of industrial requirements.

Mini Hydraulic Power Unit

When applications requirements are up to 5.5 kW, these present a modular format of AC and DC hydraulic power units to operate single or double-acting circuits to 30 lpm, with reservoir volumes up to 100 litres and 250 bar pressure.

Micro Hydraulic Power Unit

With an 89 mm wide footprint the micro component is produced in a reversible and a uni-directional format. With DC motors from 150 to 800 Watts and AC motors from 150 to 375 Watts flow rates of 5 lpm are generated, hydraulic pressures of 200 bar can be achieved.

Bespoke Hydraulic Power Unit

From a cartridge valve to a complete in-house system, we are asked to design and manufacture for a vast array of projects. Check out our Hydraulic systems page for more examples.

These product ranges cover a wide range of applications:-

Standard Power Units

These HPU’s can be easily configured, assembled and maintained for industrial applications such as punching machines. More niche areas of application where large HPU's play an important role are charcoal drying drums. Hydraproducts recognises that every application has its own individual needs, but as a manufacturer we can also group these needs into a range of units that satisfy the bulk of these requirements. Thus we have developed a range of modular build power units that meet the needs of industrial machinery builders. These have also spread into other areas where the customers need a reliable source of hydraulic power.

Mini Hydraulic Power Unit

Between the micro packs and standard hydraulic power units this mini power unit range has an infinite number of possible applications. Our customers have successfully installed these in all manner of machines and devices from cardboard compacting machines to climbing walls. What these HPU's offer is a simply constructed, easy to maintain hydraulic system that can be quickly configured to give many years of trouble free operation. This has been proven time and time again by our customers who operate car park access control equipment and machine tool clamps, many of which have counted over 1 million operations.

When power requirements are below 5.5kW these units can be configured to flow rates of up to 30lpm and pressures of 250bar. They can now be offered with a tandem pump, which has the advantage of reducing input power without sacrificing speed or force. This is particularly useful in compacting and swaging applications, where there can often be a lot of “fresh air” movement which can be done at higher speeds.

Micro Hydraulic Power Unit

Designed initially for mobility applications, they are ideal when hydraulic power is desired but space is restricted. Where flows are small and space in at a premium this unit is often fitted in wheelchair lifts, step lifts and through floor lifts. Hydraproducts employs this unit in some very unique applications where unmanned operations of pipeline control valves are needed and when glass is lifted into place on high rise buildings.

Available in two versions: firstly the reversible version that can drive actuators and hydraulic motors in both directions without the need for directional control valves. The standard body of this HPU incorporates a dual pilot check valve that enables the pressure to remain “locked” preventing loads from moving. Our unique design enables the differential volume of a hydraulic cylinder to be returned to the hydraulic power units with inducing higher loads, negating the need for port reliefs and reducing the power consumed. Gear pumps have been specially developed that have a higher overall efficiency in both directions to again reduce power usage, this is particularly important in battery operated machines such as wheelchair lifts or hoists.

Later we developed the uni-directional unit that has a more simple single acting hydraulic function this is useful for lifting and lowering applications. By selecting reliable and high quality European manufactured Poppet style solenoid control valves we are able to offer a high degree of integrity and can ensure hydraulic pressure remains locked in your system when you need it. These hydraulic power units have been used widely for braking applications for machines such as wind turbines where safety is of paramount importance.

Bespoke Hydraulic Power Unit

Hydraulics is still the densest method of transmitting power around a machine or factory. Because of this hydraulic power units come in all shapes and sizes from the a hydraulic system for flushing gearboxes in F1 pit garages to a full size ships hull rocking around a movie set. Hydraproducts can design and build a fully equipped hydraulic product for your needs.







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