Standard Hydraulic Power Units

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standard HPU power pack

Hydraulic HPU

Modular construction - Bellhousing & Coupling design- Cetop03 & 05 Systems - up to 30kW AC Motors - up 300 Litre tanks - Pressure to 280bar

standard HPU features

Features of the standard HPU

The standard hydraulic power units are designed to utilise a industry recognised range of modular components. This offers a power pack that can be easy to manufacture, therefore easier to install and maintain.

Standard hydraulic power unit (HPS)

This hydraulic power unit uses a standard range of modular components for easy specification, assembly and maintenance in the most demanding industrial applications. With motors up to 30 kW, flow rates to 100 Litres/minute, tank capacities to 180 litres and pressure capability to 250 bar, we can offer a hydraulic power unit system to meet most industrial requirements including:

  • Cranes
  • Launch recovery systems
  • Bailers and compactors
  • Agricultural processing machinery
  • Punching machines
  • Injection moulding machines
  • Lifting equipment
  • Marine applications (test rigs, drilling rigs)
Unit options and specs

The hydraulic power unit components have been carefully selected by Hydraproducts to give an economic solution from our large stocks. As we construct units for many industrial applications we have an ever growing component base and can cater for the majority of builds.

The units cater for a selection of tanks ranging from 16-180 litres and pressures up to 250 bar, with flow rates of up to 100 litres/minute.

The AC motors within the units are all IP55 as standard and multi mount B35 configuration. Motor options such as Anti-condensation heaters and Ex protection are possible so please remember to enquire about these when you spec up your unit.

Wide range of applications covered

Our standard power units are suitable for a wide range of applications; one of these being the marine based Launch Recovery System. This system is equipped with an umbilical winch which has to be able to accommodate the whole length and diameter of the remotely operated vehicle umbilical. Our hydraulic power units power the hydraulic winch motor that, in turn, controls the winch itself which is responsible for pulling in the remotely operated vehicle (ROV).

Product testing and oil filtration

We are one of the few companies producing hydraulic power units that fully test our units on testing rigs before dispatch, ensuring power and voltages are correct. We also carry out regular oil filtration tests to ensure that particulate contamination is avoided.

These test stages make sure that our units reach our customers in optimal working order and help to lengthen the operational life of our products.

Conforming to European standards

Power unit pumps are based on European standard 1:8 taper 4 bolt gear pumps from Groups 1,2 and 3. Low pulsation gears give a quiet and smooth flow. Group 2 and 3 pumps have cast iron flanges for extra strength.

All power units have 90 micron suction filters and 25 micron return filters as standard. Pressure filters to 3microns are optional and give our power units high cleanliness levels.

Hydraulic power unit suppliers offer a hydraulic circuit and parts list, Hydraproducts offer this as well as a full installation and maintenance manual. Each power unit is supplied with a test certificate and CE approval documentation.

Bespoke design options

Where the hydraulic power unit (HPU) does not offer all the hydraulic features required, we can design and manufacture a full hydraulic power unit system using our proven CAD design software and renowned technical expertise.

We hold a vast library of modular parts which can be used to populate 3D solid unit models making the customisation process easy and enables us to standardise designs, leading to a quick turnaround of customised units. This gives our end user a solid, dependable unit with the Hydraproducts stamp of approval.

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Standard Unit

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